A Jolly Good Show

Join us for a week-long adventure on 15th-22nd december.Don't miss out!

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About us

A Jolly Good Show

A Fundraising Event

We organised this event to help raise money for a charity!.The entrance fee that is $2 will help us achieve this goal!


Once you sign up for this event you will may win many awards .The peopls who win this will be crowned as Mr and Mrs Jolly!.


We have prizes for every event.You just have to perform and win!

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Join us.


Open Mic Night

Christmas Talent Show

Meet & Greet

Game Night

Movie Night

Our Prizes

Customized swag

You can win Hearts Of Love Merchandise or Bright Approach X Hearts Of Love collection!

Framer Subcription

Winners in the Hackathon can win a free pro subcription in Framer!

Wolfram Award

Winners can get a wolfram Award

Gift cards

Gift cards can be awarded to winners in various shows!


Win some amazing e-books!

And Many More!

We have swag from Taskade,EchoAR,Wolfram and many more!


Optional Entrance fee:$2

15TH December

Opening Ceremony starts at 6:45 EST TO 7:15PM EST

Game Night starts at 7:20 PM EST TO 10:30 EST

16TH December

Open Mic Night starts at 6:30 PM EST TO 9:30 PM EST

17TH-18TH December

The Hackathon(JingleHacks) starts at 9AM EST(17TH) TO 12PM EST(18TH)

19TH December

Christmas Talent Show 6.00PM EST to 8.00PM EST

20TH December

Meet & Greet starts at 6:30 PM EST to 7:30 PM EST

21ST December

Movie Night begins at 7:00PM EST till 10 mins after the movie is done

22ND December

Closing Ceremony starts at 11AM EST to 12:30PM EST


Frequently Asked Questions

Through our google forms!.Click the Sign Up button.

Yes.Since this is a fundraising event you can choose to donate!.

You can submit your details to our Volunteer form!.You can do this by clicking the volunteer button under our team.

Yes you can.This hackathon doesn't require much coding skills and you can partner with someone to help you!.

Its not compulsory but it does increase your chance at winning more prizes!.More events will also be held in the discord server!

Thats all right!.If you have any enquires contact us at @heartsofloveorganisation@gmail.ccom

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Our hard working team

Brianna Malm

Co-Founder at Hearts Of Love

Hope you enjoy our event!

Akshaya K

Director of Event Planning

Hope to see you all at a Jolly Good Show!.

Jay Chen

Co-Founder at Hearts Of Love

You're all welcome!.

Arfiya Labeeb

Director of Content Writers

Christmas is here early!

Abbas Raza

Director of Finance

Come have fun



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